New York Fashion Week Here We Come!

Our road to New York Fashion Week (NYFW), taking place this September 2019, has been a long and tough one. We established Hill Tribe Fusion in 2008 and have worked passionately to get our designs to a broader audience. With long hours and often little sleep, we have been featured in fashion shows, magazines and music videos. We love to infuse our Hmong culture in our modern designs whenever possible and embrace all things couture and fantasy. We hope to inspire the youth and other dreamers to never let go of the arts and power of creativity. Often times with so many competing priorities in life, those items are put to the side.

We hope to inspire the youth and other dreamers to never let go of the arts and power of creativity.

NYFW has long been a premier fashion event where the industry’s top designers, as well as emerging ones, present their upcoming collections in a series of runway shows and presentations. With designers all over the world competing to get into a show during NYFW, the designer fees and production costs can get expensive. In order to successfully represent at NYFW, we ask for your help in our fundraiser efforts. You may donate via our GoFundMe campaign, PayPal or contact us to learn more about our business sponsorship opportunities. Even if you aren’t able to donate, we would appreciate your help in sharing our story and journey with your friends, family and colleagues.

When you view our portfolio, you’ll see that we are very artsy and non-traditional designers. We do a lot of couture and custom unique pieces. This reason is why it’s great for magazine editorials. With this new collection, we honor our heritage, our mother and the memory of our father.

We are truly honored and humbled by all of our followers, supporters and sponsors. We want to share this experience with all of you. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated and every cent will make a difference! Thank you.

Mang Thao
Shang Thao

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